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Included in the Foundation’s mission is to promote awareness for patients, families and local communities about essential supportive care services available to them. Many patients do not realize that they are entitled to hospice services included in the Medicare/Medicaid Hospice Benefit. Often families learn about these entitlements only after the death of their family member.

The Foundation is also teaming with clinicians and key opinion leaders to advance proactive messaging campaigns and programming to not only the public, but also hospice care and medical professionals on spiritual, faith and bereavement counseling services available to patients and their families.



This campaign will also work with local, regional and national hospice providers in adopting and implementing transparent and proactive outreach to patients about available counseling services included in the Medicare/Medicaid Hospice Benefit. The Foundation's outreach extends to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) to promote services available to all hospice patients. 

Through your support of the Family Hospice Foundation, you can be part of this effort! You can share in the campaign to uplift our nation’s hospice patients and families.

"Bereavement counseling means emotional, psychosocial, and spiritual support and services provided before and after the death of the patient to assist with issues related to grief, loss, and adjustment. 
Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services 
"Counseling (including, but not limited to, bereavement, dietary, and spiritual counseling) with respect to care of the terminally ill individual and adjustment to death. The hospice must make bereavement services available to the family and other individuals identified in the bereavement plan of care up to 1 year following the death of the patient.
Code of Federal Regulations, Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, §418.112(c)(9) 

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